VANA Ltd. distributes the most innovative high-performance AUDIO & VIDEO PRODUCTS in the world
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VANA Ltd. distributes innovative high-performance
audio & video products in the world


Luna Subwoofer

Classic On-Wall

Classic Center

Classic Compact

Classic 30

Classic 20

Classic 10


System Solutions

Primare App

NP30 network player

MM30 media board

Bluetooth Upgrade


SPA23 av integrated amp

SP33 av preamp

BD32 universal player

BD32 MKII universal player

A30.7 power amp

DAC30 high resolution DAC

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We deliver the most creative products.

What makes VANA unique is equally people and product. Our team delivers the world’s most innovative products for optimal audio and video performance. And – combining extensive applied experience with an enthusiastic view on the future – we offer you the ability to take fullest advantage of today’s many media options with ease. We feel that compelling performance can be had at nearly every price level, enabling everyone to have exhilarating experiences. And while outstanding product provides the foundation for those experiences, the right setup brings them alive. With backgrounds in both the home entertainment industry and professional audio and film production, the people on our team are recognized industry-wide for creating setup techniques that realize the fullest potential of these amazing products. We love to share what we’ve learned (and to keep learning ourselves), which is why we’ve created VANA Tech, a continually updated resource for anyone interested in news, tips, and in-depth information. One of the great joys of the present state of media technology is the range of high-quality options available: the effortless exploration of the best of music and film digitally, as well as the exciting resurgence of analog playback. VANA is on a mission to provide astonishing performance – across every medium and in every setting – through our great products and great service.


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